26 April, 2016

Life Exchange – John 11: 25 -27 – Jesus is asking you a life changing question. “Everyone who LIVES in Me and BELIEVES in Me will never die. Do you believe this?” If your answer is “Yes”, then I want to ask you another question. Are you ready to live in Christ? Living in Christ means exchanging my goals to Jesus’ goals, my ambition to Jesus’ ambition, my limited love to His unlimited love, my sorrow to His peace, my fear to His assurance. Friend, start the New life today.

25 April, 2016

Regrets? – John 11: 17 -24 – Martha and Mary (v32) said “Lord, If you had been here, my brother would not have died”. People question God about “Why this Lord?” or “Why that Lord?”. But for a Christian who lives by faith, there is no questioning God. Only accepting God’s plan and walking in obedience each moment. Let us stop questioning God about the past and take a bold step of Faith in Jesus name. Friend, put faith in GOD’S plan for your life, not on YOUR plan.

21 April, 2016

Vessel for God to use – John 11: 11 -16 – Jesus said “Lazarus is dead and I’m glad for your sake I was not there”. God used the life and death of Lazarus for His purpose. Are you willing and prepared for God to use you for his glory? God will only use people who have fully surrendered and who consider their life as nothing (Revelation 12: 11). Tell God that everything you have belongs to him – your eyes, hands, legs, education, job and money. Lord, use me as you desire.

19 April, 2016

Follow Jesus – John 11: 7 -10 – Disciples of Jesus were shocked to know that Jesus was going to a town where they stoned him. At times, Jesus wants us to take the path of uncertainty and suffering. We might be shocked and surprised. God will not show the full plan but He wants me to take one step of faith. If the disciples didn’t go with Jesus, they would have missed the miracle. Repent of your unbelief and fully commit to Jesus. Go friend, do what He wants you to do.

16 April, 2016

Why delay? John 11: 4 -6 – Why did Jesus delay to meet Lazarus by 2 days even after knowing he was sick? We might have questions like this. Why is my sickness not healed? When will I overcome my pain? Here God used the sickness and death of Lazarus for His glory. Are you willing to accept that God is willing to be glorified through your pain and suffering? It does not make sense but God’s thinking is always higher than our thinking. Let Jesus comfort and heal you. Amen.

15 April, 2016

Who is your First-Aid? – John 11: 1-3 – We see the sisters of Lazarus send word to Jesus saying “He whom you Love is sick”. Jesus loved Lazarus but God allowed the sickness. The first response of the sisters was to let Jesus know about the sickness. What is your first response to your sickness or a problem with your body? When you are in pain, first commit it to Christ and His will. Once you have committed it to Christ, you know He will do and allow what is appropriate.

12 April, 2016

Are you Fully in? – John 10: 39-42 – Jesus went away from doubters to a place where people believed him. We cannot experience the work of Jesus if we have not surrendered our life to him. We might feel distant from Jesus because of our unbelief. Friend, Jesus is present when you believe him. Throw your doubts and come to Jesus. If you believe Jesus, let it be with all your heart. Don’t stand on the middle of the road. It is either “All Jesus” or “All Self”. No middle ground.

7 April, 2016

Work of God inside you – John 10: 35-38 – Jesus said to believe his work. In John 14: 10, The life of Jesus was the outcome of what the Father was doing inside. Can we desire the same life of Jesus? Where the Holy Spirit is working inside us and we are obedient to his work. For example, you may be in a tough situation, you can yield to the Holy Spirit leading instead of doing what you want to do. Are you willing to trust & allow the work of the Holy Spirit in your life?

6 April, 2016

Don’t search at wrong places – John 10: 31-34 – The people were ready to stone Jesus because he didn’t seem like God. Isaiah 53: 2 says that Jesus was not attractive to the eyes of people so he was rejected by them. Many times, we search for the the right mood, music or large church to worship and praise God. Do not worship God with your physical senses. Have you been looking for God according to your own imagination? Here is a place where God sees you – Matthew 6: 5,6.

5 April, 2016

Life that never dies – John 10: 22-30 – Those who receive the life that Jesus gives will NEVER perish. Our human body is growing old each day and nothing can stop it. But Jesus gives life to my soul and it will never die. Nobody can snatch this life from His hands. Friend, this is a promise from Jesus and not words of some man. Let your soul be at rest today because it is in the hands of Jesus. It will continue to be in his hands forever. Oh, what a glorious reality.

1 April, 2016

Jesus laid down his life – John 10: 14-21 – What does “laying down his life” mean? Jesus walked to meet people and didn’t expect people to come to him. He slept little so people can know about the Kingdom of God. He walked 100 kms to meet and console one lady. He did all this with love and joy. We can’t say “I love Jesus”, and still be consumed with our own interest and life. Give me some practical examples of laying our life down for others – Message me at 7022779911.