God says “Trust Me” – John 14: 1 – The hearts of the disciples were disturbed because Jesus was about to leave the Earth. All these days, they walked, talked, laughed, shared their joys and sorrows with Jesus. But Jesus said, “Do not let your heart disturb you”. Friend, when the heart is anxious of your future, your parents , your children or your job. Remember these personal words of Jesus to you – “Trust Me”. Do you trust Jesus to calm your heart and receive his Joy?


Faith Lessons – John 13: 37-38b – What lessons on faith can we learn from Jesus. 1) Focus on faith for today – Peter had grand plans to die for Jesus. But Jesus prayed for Peter’s faith for that night. 2) Help people who have fallen – After the failure, Jesus wanted Peter to help others who are weak in faith to strengthen them. Jesus wants us to use our “failures in faith” to strengthen others. Many years later, Peter died for Jesus by being nailed to the cross upside down.


Faith attack – John 13: 37-38a – Peter tells Jesus – I’m having enough faith to die for you. But Jesus knew that Satan wanted to attack Peter’s faith. How did Satan attack? 1) Peter became too self-confident in his personal faith. 2) He compared his faith to others by saying “Even if others fall, I will not fall”. Let us put no confidence in our self but on Jesus (Philippians 3: 3). This is how we can overcome the spiritual attacks of self-pride and a comparing attitude.


Not Now, But Later – John 13: 36 – Jesus told Peter that he cannot go where Jesus is going now. Many times we want things to happen immediately. Just like when you touch and the door opens. But God is the author of our life and he knows the smallest of detail. We have to wait for the promises of God to be fulfilled. Abraham waited nearly 25 years. Hebrews 6: 15 says that he waited patiently and obtained the promise. Are we patient to receive God’s promise?


The mark of a Christian – John 13: 34-35b – People will know that you are a Christian not because you go to Church or because you wear a cross. They will know only through your love for others. When people see that you don’t judge your wife, that you are patient towards an angry brother, your concern for a weak and hurting person, your gentleness towards a jealous person, that you joyfully bear insults from a family member, THEN people will know that you are a Christian.


How to Love one another? – John 13: 34-35a – Jesus says here that you can love another person only IF you have experienced His love for you. In Romans 2: 4 we see some qualities of God’s love to you. Have you not experienced the kindness of God? Has not God been tolerant to you? Has not God been patient with you? I can be kind, tolerant and patient only if I have experienced these qualities from God. Like a tap that receives water from the tank and supplies to many people.


How Jesus calls you? – John 13: 33 – Jesus calls us as “Little Children”. He calls me “Little” because I need guidance and help. He calls me “Child” because I’m part of his family. Friend, look at the love and tenderness of our saviour. Jesus also asks me to convert myself as a child to enter his kingdom (Matthew 18: 3). Let our attitude be like a child when we come to Jesus. Let it be like a baby sparrow with her eyes closed and beak wide open to accept the mother’s food.

Silhouette of Jesus with Cross over sunset concept for religion, worship, prayer and praise.

Jesus honoured God – John 13: 31-32 – Jesus honoured (glorified) God even when he was faced with death on the cross. God can be honoured even in our most difficult situation. For example, a God honouring wife can choose to bear sufferings joyfully at the hands of an angry husband. What difficult situation/person is before you through which/whom God’s name can be honoured? Like Jesus, can we pray that our soul will glorify God in times of trouble? (Hebrews 12: 2).


How Satan works – John 13: 26-30 – We see in v27 that after Judas received the bread, Satan entered him. Judas had already received money (Matthew 26: 15) to betray Jesus. Therefore, Satan used the Judas’ Love of money to betray Jesus. Even today, the “love for money” (not money) can bring separation between us and God. Do you want to see the 4 side effects of love of money? Please read 1 Timothy 6: 9,10 and message me these 4 side effects.


Betraying Jesus – John 13: 21-25 – Jesus said one of the disciples who ate, walked and talked with him for 3 years is going to betray him. At times I have betrayed Jesus especially after a time of prayer when I said “How much I love him”. Jesus is probably the only person who gets betrayed the most by the people who love him. Since you and I are unworthy receivers of the love of Jesus, can we ask for grace to love people who we know are taking advantage of us? (Romans 5: 8).


Want Blessing? – John 13: 16-20 – Jesus says “Blessed are those who know and actually wash other’s feet”. Jesus points out the difference between knowing and doing. Jesus knew Judas was going to betray him, but He still washed the feet of Judas. In your life there might be people who want to see you suffer. Are you ready to forgive them and help them when they are in need? If you do, then you are blessed. Read Romans 12: 20, 21. Like Jesus, let us overcome Evil with Good.


Wash like Jesus – John 13: 12-15b – 2 conditions 1) If Jesus has washed my dirty feet. 2) If I consider him my Teacher and my Lord. If these 2 conditions are true in my life, then Jesus commands me to wash the dirty feet of others. It means I do not think highly of myself compared to the poor, uneducated or a sinful person. It means I’m ready to serve at any time, to anyone and even if they are rude and don’t like me. Why? Because Jesus came to serve me and he is my Lord.


Teacher and Lord – John 13: 12- 15a– Jesus said “You call me Teacher and Lord”. Jesus is my teacher means we learn from him each day about life, ourself and others. Jesus is my Lord means he is the master of everything in my life. Now let us think and answer some questions and if possible write it down. What have you learnt from Jesus recently? Is Jesus master (Lord) of all areas in your life? Is there any area that you are being the master instead of Jesus?


Washed by Jesus – John 13: 8- 11 – Jesus said if I do not wash you, you do not belong to me. Just like Peter, I need to be washed by Jesus. But just like Peter, I need to ALLOW Jesus to wash me. John writes later that Jesus cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness. If you feel that there are some sins that you have not confessed to Jesus, today you can ask him to cleanse it. Jesus touched and washed the feet of the disciples. I need the healing touch of Jesus to cleanse my heart.


Who is wiser? – John 13: 6- 8 – Peter was questioning why Jesus had to wash his feet. But Jesus said you will not know now, but will understand later. You might have questions about what is going on in life now. But Jesus will reveal the answers later. Let us just trust His wisdom and allow Jesus to wash us. Do we say like Peter? “Why Lord” or “Never Lord”. Let our prayer be – Lord, you are wiser than me. Help me to accept your plan and timing and be faithful.a


Want to be Great? – John 13: 3-5 – The disciples had been arguing who is the greatest? In this world, Greatness is defined as one who – comes first, makes more money, is prettier and is more intelligent. But in God’s kingdom, the leader washes the feet of the servant. There is no place to talk or think about who is first or greatest. We are surrounded by people who want to be greatest. Can God send you as a missionary into this world so you are ready to wash other’s feet?


Satan entered the mind – John 13: 2 – It says that Satan entered the mind of Judas to betray Jesus. Even today, Satan takes advantage of weak minds. He uses people to fulfill his will. Ephesians 4: 27 says that by being angry we are giving devil an opportunity. Satan is waiting for an opportunity through our weakness to create confusion in our relationships and to destroy peace in our hearts. James 1:20 says “Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires”.


True Love – John 13: 1 – Jesus loved them to the end. What is the end? During Marriage vows, the couple say “Till Death do us part”. But the Love of Christ for you is beyond what you can even imagine. David says in Psalm 73: 25 “Whom have I in heaven but you? I desire you more than anything on earth.” Let’s stop worrying, being afraid, being doubtful and HOPE in Christ. Because each moment, you are surrounded by His GREAT Love (Ephesians 2: 4, 3: 18). Let Love change us.


Tongue that listens – John 12: 49-50 – Jesus said “I speak just as the Father has told me”. How do I use an amazing gift from God called “tongue”? If my tongue listens to God’s direction, then my speech will comfort, bring peace, and avoid gossip. Let us be slow to speak because we take time to listen to God’s direction. God is in need of tongues not only to praise him but also to speak God’s choice of words. Today, can we spend time on James 3: 5-9 and listen.


Words of Life – John 12: 47-48 – Jesus said “My words judge in the last day”. Jesus said in John 6: 63 that “the words I spoke to you are spirit and life”. The purpose of each word of Jesus is to obey with all our heart and not just to read, memorize, study and discuss. I noticed an uneducated man not get angry when his relatives spoke ill of him. Because the words of Jesus were rooted in his heart and behaviour. Lord, I surrender my will so I can obey all your words.


Give what you receive – John 12: 46 – Jesus said “Everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness”. I might remain in darkness if I don’t allow the light of Jesus to shine on me. For example, if I hold forgiveness towards certain people it means I remain in darkness. But when I allow Jesus (light) in my life, how can I ever be unforgiving. How can I forget that each day God is kind, tolerant and patient towards my behaviour. Let us pray and meditate on Romans 2: 4.


Look and be saved – John 12: 44-45 – Jesus cried out that “He who sees Me sees the One who sent Me”. “See” in this verse means to observe or gaze. Have you observed the life of Jesus? When you believe Jesus, you can exchange your weakness for his strength, your sin for his righteousness, your troubles for his peace. Isaiah 44: 22 says “Look unto me and be saved”. Today, will you Pray and check if you have been looking at the wrong place for strength, peace and holiness?


Who do you value more? – John 12: 42-43 – The third reason people didn’t follow Jesus was because they were afraid what others will think of them. They wanted the approval of People (family, friends, collegues). Has the opinions of people held you back from enjoying a greater love relationship with Jesus? Let us not be delayed any longer. It is time that we stand with ONLY JESUS. Proverbs 29: 25 says “Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the LORD means safety.”


How is your heart? – John 12: 37-41b – The second reason that people didn’t follow Jesus was because they were stone hearted. Stone hearted Christians do not allow the grace of God to work in their life. For example, stone hearted Christian would have gone to church for 20 years out of habit and never overcome anger. But a “Jesus hearted Christian” will receive the grace of God each day to get rid of pride and anger. Are you a self-made Christian or a Jesus-made Christian?


Eyes to see God – John 12: 37-41 – John writes 3 reasons why people will not truly believe and follow Jesus. The first reason is that they will not see the works of God in their lives. Does your eyes see what God has done and been doing each day in your life? When we complain about our life, that means we do not see God’s work. For example, the children of Israel wanted to eat meat even though God has provided Manna each day. God has to open our eyes to see Him and His works.


Children of Light – John 12: 36 – Jesus said “Believe in the Light so that you may become sons of Light”. Jesus gives a new name to Christians called “Children of Light”. Have you noticed that when you had a close relationship with Jesus, you tend to not worry, get angry or lose hope? That is because the light of Jesus shines on and through us each day. But the moment we lose fellowship with Jesus, life is filled with frustration, discontent and thanklessness. (1 John 3: 6).


Is darkness overtaking you? – John 12: 35 – Jesus said “Walk while you have the light, so that darkness will not overtake you”. There is lot of darkness around me and also inside me. Only the light of Jesus will show and help me overcome the dark secrets of my life. Please read Ephesians 5: 8-14 on how the Light of Jesus will work in our lives. My inward struggles will vanish at the light of Jesus. Lord, please expose areas in my life that I still need to commit to you.


Jesus made me His own – John 12: 31-34 – Jesus said “When I’m lifted up (on the cross), I will draw people to myself”. The purpose of Jesus dying on the cross was to draw me to himself. My own paths might seem very attractive in the beginning but they lead to more trouble and lack of peace (Proverbs 14: 12). I can either allow Jesus to draw me to Himself or I will continue to be drawn by my own desires. Lord, I look at the cross where you have made me your own.


Whose Glory? – John 12: 29-30 – A voice from heaven said “God’s name is glorified”. Jesus said this voice came so we will know this important truth – ONE purpose of a Christian’s life is that God will take glory through her life. I met a happy and contented lady who makes Rs 100 a day. She chose to be faithful and absolutely trusted God for her tomorrow. God is glorified when we are satisfied in Him. Let us be satisfied with what God has given so He is glorified.


Pray like Jesus – John 12: 27-28 – Jesus is praying for God’s will and name to be glorified. Even if He has to undergo suffering on the cross. How is our prayer? Do we pray that God’s will be done even if we have to undergo suffering? For a child of God, everything happens because God allows it. Remember Job losing everything and Paul being beaten often and thrown in prison. Jesus was called a “Man of Sorrows” and he is your friend to help in your suffering. (Isaiah 53: 3)


Follow Jesus – John 12: 26 – Jesus said “If anyone serves me, he must follow me”. Follow Jesus at all moments of your life – when you are tempted, when someone abuses you, when impure thoughts come. Following Jesus means staying close with him at all times. Like an ant that follows another closely. Jesus tells that the Father will honor these close followers. I pray you take the path of grace and love – this is the path that Jesus is taking so let’s follow him in that path.


Lose to Gain Life – John 12: 25b – Jesus said “Those who care nothing for their life in this world will gain eternal life”. This is the greatest secret of Christian life. The eagle is not comfortable walking on the ground. It will be clumsy and awkward. But it is comfortable when flying high above the world. Paul’s advice to us in Colossians 3:2 “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth”. Has your mind been set on things & people in the world?


Secret to a joyful life – John 12: 25 – Are you unable to forgive others? Are you stressed? No personal time with God and to study His word? This statement by Jesus might have the answer to your problems. (It is mentioned nearly 7 times in the Bible so please spend some time on this verse). What are things that you love too much to lay it before Jesus? Things like your ego, job, looks, family (Galatians 5: 24). God will show you and lead you in His path to abundant Life.


Want to serve God? – John 12: 24 – If you want to be blessing to others, follow the steps told by Jesus. First the seed is thrown to the ground. Then the seed dies to bear much fruit. The mango we taste today was part of a seed that fell, died and endured patiently. For example, God might be using your current situation or certain people in your life so you learn to be humble. Let’s remember that if we don’t die to selfish attitudes we cannot bear fruit (serve) for God.


Why not to fear? – John 12: 12-15– I don’t need to fear because the King is coming to me. He is a humble king who gives you new life. A new life of purpose, joy and holiness in his presence. Because the king is coming to you, it is time to rejoice greatly and shout with Joy (Zechariah 9: 9). Will you accept Jesus as your Lord and King? Then every fear and doubt has been kicked out and only Joy in his presence. Friend, SHOUT for Joy because the king has come into your heart.


Who do you look like? – John 12: 9-11– The life of Lazarus was a powerful testimony that many people believed in Jesus. Today, do people see Jesus in you when they see your character? We don’t need to ACT like a good Christian but when we follow Jesus, we BECOME like Jesus. A tree does not try hard to produce fruit. It automatically produces fruit when it is rooted in good soil and is nourished with sunlight and water. Friend, Jesus calls you as “My Witness” (Acts 1: 8).

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Devoted to Jesus – John 12: 7-8 – The disciples thought that Mary wasted her 11 months of salary by using the oil on Jesus. But Jesus said her act of devotion will be spoken whenever the Gospel is preached (Matthew 26: 13). What is your act of devotion to Jesus? A Christian who does not spend time alone with Jesus is like a fish that is on land. It will not survive very long. Mary did what she could (Mark 14: 8). Jesus is waiting to see what I will do with my time and life.


What’s your intention? – John 12: 4 -6 – Judas Iscariot spoke like he cared for the poor but he wanted to steal their money. As children of God, our intention and our speech should be same. If we help someone and expect something back then we are helping with a wrong intention (Luke 6: 34, 35). For example, politicians try to help people but we know their intentions. Let our love be with a pure heart and speech be filled with grace (Proverbs 22: 11). Amen.


Give God your best – John 12: 1 -3 – Mary anointed the feet of Jesus with a very costly perfume. Her devotion to Jesus costed her something. What does following Jesus cost you? Let us follow Jesus with all our heart. Give the best time of your day to Him. Give the best years of your life to serve him. Love God and People, even if it costs your time, energy, money and friends. Unless we deny our self and follow Christ we are not a true disciple (Luke 9: 23-25).


Spiritual attacks – John 11: 47 -57 – As soon as Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, we see the leaders and people are trying to arrest him, shame him publicly and kill him. Have you noticed that when you have made a decision to follow Christ with all your heart, there is a period of temptation and struggle. The same enemy who opposed Jesus is also working today. But cheer up friend, He that is in us is greater than he that is in the World. Thank you Lord!!

Dramatic religious photo illustration of Good Friday and Easter Sunday Morning reflecting a prayerful moment of silence with a silhoutted person bowing his head, a warm sunrise rises over a foggy lake, and three crosses on a hill reflected in the water as well.

Repent to see more miracles – John 11: 41 -46 – Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead so the people will believe him (v42). In Matthew 11: 20, Jesus was upset with people who experienced miracles in their life but did not repent. Repentance and worship should follow every work or God in our life. Do not take the miracles of Jesus in your life for granted. Can we spend some time in prayer today to look at areas in our life that we need to surrender to God and repent?


Believe to see Glory – John 11: 38 -40 – Jesus said “If you believe you will see the glory of God”. Martha didn’t want to move the stone covering the tomb because it smelt bad. Belief in Jesus means I do anything that He says without giving excuses. So you believe and do, you will SEE God’s glory in your life. If you don’t do, you will NOT SEE God’s glory. Friend, is there a stone that needs to be moved in your life? God will show you when you seek him honestly and repent.


God knows why – John 11: 36 -38 – The people questioned “Could not Jesus have kept Lazarus from dying”? In times of doubt and suffering, people question God’s wisdom. But we know our wisdom and understanding is limited. The difference between our thinking and God’s thinking is the distance between heaven and earth (Isaiah 55: 8,9). Dear child of God, anything that is happening in your life has been allowed by God according to His infinite wisdom. Let’s trust His wisdom.


Jesus wept – John 11: 33 -35 – Jesus wept when Mary and the others were crying over Lazarus. This is the heart of Jesus – a heart that groans over our sufferings. In life we have times of joy and suffering. But times of suffering can be the loneliest. Friend, you are never alone in your suffering. I pray that the peace of Jesus descend in your heart and blow away the pain. This peace is not something any person, object or experience can give. Read this verse – John 14: 27.


Feet of Jesus – John 11: 28 -32 – People thought Mary ran to cry at her brother’s tomb. But she ran and fell at the feet of Jesus. The tomb cannot provide us any answer and it will only bring back old memories and tears. But at the feet of Jesus, we are comforted and renewed. Where do you try to find peace? Friends or Media?. No, Let us fall at the feet of Jesus at all times – before trouble, during trouble and at times of no trouble. He is our living hope, not the tomb.


Life Exchange – John 11: 25 -27 – Jesus is asking you a life changing question. “Everyone who LIVES in Me and BELIEVES in Me will never die. Do you believe this?” If your answer is “Yes”, then I want to ask you another question. Are you ready to live in Christ? Living in Christ means exchanging my goals to Jesus’ goals, my ambition to Jesus’ ambition, my limited love to His unlimited love, my sorrow to His peace, my fear to His assurance. Friend, start the New life today.


Regrets? – John 11: 17 -24 – Martha and Mary (v32) said “Lord, If you had been here, my brother would not have died”. People question God about “Why this Lord?” or “Why that Lord?”. But for a Christian who lives by faith, there is no questioning God. Only accepting God’s plan and walking in obedience each moment. Let us stop questioning God about the past and take a bold step of Faith in Jesus name. Friend, put faith in GOD’S plan for your life, not on YOUR plan.


Vessel for God to use – John 11: 11 -16 – Jesus said “Lazarus is dead and I’m glad for your sake I was not there”. God used the life and death of Lazarus for His purpose. Are you willing and prepared for God to use you for his glory? God will only use people who have fully surrendered and who consider their life as nothing (Revelation 12: 11). Tell God that everything you have belongs to him – your eyes, hands, legs, education, job and money. Lord, use me as you desire.


Follow Jesus – John 11: 7 -10 – Disciples of Jesus were shocked to know that Jesus was going to a town where they stoned him. At times, Jesus wants us to take the path of uncertainty and suffering. We might be shocked and surprised. God will not show the full plan but He wants me to take one step of faith. If the disciples didn’t go with Jesus, they would have missed the miracle. Repent of your unbelief and fully commit to Jesus. Go friend, do what He wants you to do.


Why delay? John 11: 4 -6 – Why did Jesus delay to meet Lazarus by 2 days even after knowing he was sick? We might have questions like this. Why is my sickness not healed? When will I overcome my pain? Here God used the sickness and death of Lazarus for His glory. Are you willing to accept that God is willing to be glorified through your pain and suffering? It does not make sense but God’s thinking is always higher than our thinking. Let Jesus comfort and heal you. Amen.


Who is your First-Aid? – John 11: 1-3 – We see the sisters of Lazarus send word to Jesus saying “He whom you Love is sick”. Jesus loved Lazarus but God allowed the sickness. The first response of the sisters was to let Jesus know about the sickness. What is your first response to your sickness or a problem with your body? When you are in pain, first commit it to Christ and His will. Once you have committed it to Christ, you know He will do and allow what is appropriate.


Are you Fully in? – John 10: 39-42 – Jesus went away from doubters to a place where people believed him. We cannot experience the work of Jesus if we have not surrendered our life to him. We might feel distant from Jesus because of our unbelief. Friend, Jesus is present when you believe him. Throw your doubts and come to Jesus. If you believe Jesus, let it be with all your heart. Don’t stand on the middle of the road. It is either “All Jesus” or “All Self”. No middle ground.


Work of God inside you – John 10: 35-38 – Jesus said to believe his work. In John 14: 10, The life of Jesus was the outcome of what the Father was doing inside. Can we desire the same life of Jesus? Where the Holy Spirit is working inside us and we are obedient to his work. For example, you may be in a tough situation, you can yield to the Holy Spirit leading instead of doing what you want to do. Are you willing to trust & allow the work of the Holy Spirit in your life?


Don’t search at wrong places – John 10: 31-34 – The people were ready to stone Jesus because he didn’t seem like God. Isaiah 53: 2 says that Jesus was not attractive to the eyes of people so he was rejected by them. Many times, we search for the the right mood, music or large church to worship and praise God. Do not worship God with your physical senses. Have you been looking for God according to your own imagination? Here is a place where God sees you – Matthew 6: 5,6.


Life that never dies – John 10: 22-30 – Those who receive the life that Jesus gives will NEVER perish. Our human body is growing old each day and nothing can stop it. But Jesus gives life to my soul and it will never die. Nobody can snatch this life from His hands. Friend, this is a promise from Jesus and not words of some man. Let your soul be at rest today because it is in the hands of Jesus. It will continue to be in his hands forever. Oh, what a glorious reality.


Jesus laid down his life – John 10: 14-21 – What does “laying down his life” mean? Jesus walked to meet people and didn’t expect people to come to him. He slept little so people can know about the Kingdom of God. He walked 100 kms to meet and console one lady. He did all this with love and joy. We can’t say “I love Jesus”, and still be consumed with our own interest and life. Give me some practical examples of laying our life down for others – Message me at 7022779911.


Who owns you? – John 10: 12-13 – Jesus, the good shepherd is the owner of the sheep (me). When we are under the ownership of Jesus, he will protect us by laying down his life for us. But anything other than Jesus will run away in the day of trouble. Is anyone or anything controlling you? It cannot save you but only Jesus. I hope you learn this truth today. Allow Jesus to be the shepherd and owner of your soul. Open your Bible to this verse 1 Corinthians 6: 19, 20.


Jesus, the Good Shepherd – John 10: 11 – Jesus is the good shepherd for me. A good shepherd will lay down his life for his sheep. Have you noticed that Jesus tells 5 times in this passage about laying down his life? Jesus laid down his life so I can have abundant life. A life that will not be stolen or destroyed by the enemy. Abundant life is a gift for every follower of Jesus even though we don’t deserve it. Look closely at 2 Corinthians 5: 15 and let me know your thoughts.


Receive the Life – John 10: 7-10 – We see 2 people who want to come for the sheep (me). One is the thief and another is the Good Shepherd (Jesus). The thief comes to steal my joy, make me unloving and destroy my relationships. But Jesus Christ has come to heal what was broken and give me an abundant life of love, freedom and purpose. A life free from worry, doubt and fear. Friend, come today and take that life that Jesus offers. Contact me if you need to talk or to know more.


Whose voice do you hear? – John 10: 4-6 – We (Sheep) will follow Jesus (Shepherd) because we know his voice. In your christian walk, do you run away from the voice of anything other than Jesus? or do you like and follow the voice of the false-shepherd? Some examples are 1) Seeking life guidance from worldly people is not the voice of Jesus. 2) Setting our life goals based on other people’s life means we are rejecting Jesus’ unique plan for your life.


Jesus Knows and Leads – John 10: 1-3 – Here, Jesus compares us to sheep and himself as the Shepherd. 2 truths we learn in these verses – 1) Jesus knows you by name – He knows your personality and he knows more about you than yourself. He desires a close relationship with you. 2) Jesus leads you – Have you been tired of this life? Remember, Jesus is leading you and you are not your own. Will you hand over control of your life to Jesus? So he can lead to what’s best for you.


Blind need direction – John 9: 40-41 – Jesus said “Since you say ‘We see’, your sin remains”. Why there is no end to our inner struggles? Like Jesus points out, we say we know (see) everything and only other people have to change. But a person who comes to Jesus like a blind name who needs direction, we can overcome our inner struggles of anger, jealousy and anxiety. Has any sin been remaining for a long time in your life? Look at what Jesus has to say today in these verses.


How Jesus helps the blind? – John 9: 37-39 – Jesus said “Those who do not see may see and those who see may become blind”. A person who does not ask Jesus to show the areas he is wrong, will remain in darkness. For example, if a christian husband has a habit of getting angry at his wife. But only when he comes to Jesus saying “Lord, I may be blind to certain sins, please open my eyes to see my own sins”. He will receive deliverance and peace in his heart. Ask Jesus today!!


Jesus Finds – John 9: 33-38 – The people said the man was born blind because of sin and rejected him. When Jesus heard this, he immediately found him. The spirit of Jesus is to find and save the lost (Luke 19: 10). You are never alone even when you feel lonely, rejected by people. Jesus will find you and he wants you to believe in him. Like the healed man, let us believe and worship Jesus. Thank you Lord that even though I walk in the valley of death, you are with me.


Healed man – John 9: 28-32 – The religious people started to harass the healed man. Even though his parents were afraid of the people, the healed man stood for God. It is one thing to know about God but another thing to experience his deliverance in our life everyday. So we can stand anywhere and speak boldly about what God has done in our life. Can God use your life as an example of his glory, deliverance and power? Lord, deliver me from un-curable sins, so I can stand.


Your Testimony – John 9: 24-27 – The man told the doubting people “I was blind. now I see”. Wonderful words from a healed man!! This is what Christian life is all about. I pray we can hear many testimonies like this – I used to lust after other people’s things and their bodies, but Christ delivered me. I used to always worry and struggle with anxiety, but Christ set me free. I used to fight with my wife often, but Christ has changed us to be peaceful people. Amen.


Fear of rejection – John 9: 17-23 – The parents of the blind man were afraid to say that Jesus healed their son. They were afraid of being rejected by the society and its traditions. Double minded christians want a taste of Jesus and approval of people (John 12: 42, 43). Today, can you spend time in prayer asking God to show if you try hard to please people or gain their approval? Faith can overcome this strong fear. Without Faith, we cannot please God (Hebrews 11: 6).


My time for others – John 9: 13-16 – Jesus healed the blind man on a sabbath but the religious people were upset. Jesus said in Matthew 12: 7 that God desires compassion and not sacrifice. What do we do on our rest (free) day? Is all our rest day spent for our own purpose? How much time, energy and attention in a week do we have for others who are not our family members? The closer you get to Jesus, your heart will become like His – a heart of compassion for people.


Vision to see God – John 9: 8-12 – The man who received sight said “Jesus told me to go and wash, so I went and washed and received sight”. The blind man did not give excuses or delay. He went immediately because he was desperate to See. Are you desperate to come out of any spiritual blindness or bondage? Listen to the voice of Jesus and obey. A obedience without delay and without excuses. Lord, I’m desperate for eyes. Eyes that see your beauty and glory.


Go, Wash – John 9: 6-7 – On the command of Jesus, the blind man went away, washed and came back seeing. There was another man who came to Jesus but he went away sad (Mark 10: 17-27). Because he had lot of things and so he remained spiritually blind. Have you missed the miracle of seeing God? Do you enjoy real joy, peace and satisfaction in Jesus? Come to the river called Jesus where all our blindness will be washed away. Lord, open my eyes today.


Working with Jesus – John 9: 4-5 – Jesus said “We must work for God as long as it is day”. 1) Our call is to work for God till the light is available. Time is short so we cannot postpone God’s work. Everything else can wait in life except for time WITH God and time FOR God 2) The amazing thing is that Jesus is calling you by saying “We must work”. You and Jesus are working together for the glory of God. Friend, night is approaching when we cannot work even if we desire.


Why Sufferings? – John 9: 1-3 – The blind man was suffering from his birth. People blamed it on sins. But Jesus saw this blindness and said “that God will work through him”. So how do you see suffering? Your suffering can bring glory to God. When we suffer for doing good, we are partners with Jesus. He set us an example to suffer patiently, not fight back and commit all things to God. Take time to see these beautiful verses in 1 Peter 2: 21-24. Let me know what you learnt.


Jesus for you – John 8: 56-59 – Jesus said “Before Abraham was born, I was there”. Please also read Hebrews 7: 24, 25 to know more about Jesus. He is able to save those who come to God through Jesus. Because Jesus is living today to make intercession for us. At one end, Satan might be discouraging you and pulling you down. But be encouraged that Jesus is interceding for you right now and forever. All the mind attacks of the enemy will fail because you are His possession.


Know and Obey – John 8: 54-55 – Jesus said “I know my Father and obey his word”. Knowing God and obeying God cannot be separated. It is easy to say that I’m a Christian who knows God. It will be better if we are a Christian who also obeys God. Obeying means fulfilling God’s desire over mine. Today, you are going to do, think or say many things.Is it possible to do it all based on what God desires instead of our own. I pray grace of Christ on you to fulfill His desires.


Spiritual death – John 8: 52-53 – Jesus was talking about sin which leads to spiritual death. But the people understood it as physical death. Spiritual death is the opposite of Spiritual life. Spiritual life means constant communion with God’s presence. Spiritual death means break up of that communion from God’s presence. Sins like anger, bitterness, pride cause a separation from God’s presence. When you were angry at someone, have you noticed God’s character missing in you?


Avoiding Death – John 8: 51 – Jesus said “If anyone obeys my word he will never see death”. My soul will not see death if I obey the words of Christ. So when I disobey and choose do my own will, then I’m lost and my soul is dead (Luke 15: 24). So friend the daily temptation you are going through is a matter of life and death. With personal prayer in the midst of temptation, I can overcome sin. Jesus did the same and is an example for us to overcome (Luke 22: 46).


Bless when Cursed – John 8:48-50 – The people called Jesus “a demon and a low caste person”. We can learn from the response of Jesus when people abused him. Jesus said “Bless those who curse you” (Luke 6: 28). It means when someone curses you, you bless them with all your heart. In turn, they become blessed. You might think its hard to bless. This is only possible when we are under the Holy Spirit influence at each moment. See David’s prayer in Psalm 120: 2 for deliverance.


Truth Lasts – John 8:45-47 – Jesus compares His truth to the devil’s lies. He asks “If I speak the truth, why do you not believe?”. Sometimes the truth of Jesus is easy to read but hard to follow. But the lies of the devil disguised as pleasure attracts immediate response. So the spiritual battle in our life is – Things of the flesh that satisfy at the moment but do not glorify God vs. Things of the Holy Spirit that provides lasting satisfaction, love, joy and peace.


Deceived no more – John 8:44 – Jesus calls the devil a murderer and father of lies. Murderer because he wants to kill our soul. Liar because he tells that evil is good and good is evil. He is a deceiver and many have fallen to his schemes. Can you think about areas in your life where he has deceived(deceiving) you? Friend, we don’t have to be deceived by him anymore. Because greater is HE that is for us than he that is against us. Only Christ can reveal the enemy’s lies.


Listen to God – John 8:42-43 – Jesus said, you do not understand because you do not listen. What voice are you listening today? Is it the voice of your friends, your conscience, social media or the enemy? How much time have I/we spent listening to the voice of God? Jesus is right when he says that I don’t understand the things of God because I don’t give time to listen. Can we give time to listen to the voice of God through studying the Bible and time of personal prayer?


Group Faith or Personal Faith? – John 8:39-41 – The people said “WE are Abraham’s children and WE are God’s children” but wanted to kill Jesus. We might be members of a good family, a good church but these things will not save us. We are saved by our personal faith in Jesus. Lord, I’m part of many good groups but I want to personally follow you each moment. Strengthen my faith today so that my personal life, thoughts and actions can bring you glory.


Has it entered? – John 8:37-38 – Jesus said to the non-followers “My word has made no progress in you”. Has the word of God brought progress in your life? Progress from selfish to selfless attitudes. Progress from the spirit of darkness to light. Study Psalm 119: 130 today. To start a fire, we need heat, fuel and friction. To make progress in our christian life, we need the words of Jesus and obedience by depending on the Holy Spirit.”The entrance of your word brings light”.


True Freedom – John 8:35-36 – Jesus said “If the son sets you free, you are truly free”. Jesus wants to give me true and full freedom. For example, a bird in a small cage can be moved to a bigger cage but this is not full freedom. Jesus came to break open the doors of bondage that we are unable to move. Is there any area in your life that you need full freedom? Take a piece of paper and write it down. Pray to Jesus to set you free. Lord, I come to you for full freedom.


Sin’s slaves – John 8:34 – When the people said they are free, Jesus clarified that anyone who commits sin is a slave to it. Sin promises outward freedom but delivers inward slavery. Jesus came to deliver me from slavery and give inward freedom (Romans 6: 6). I pray that God will deliver us from slavery to sin which is disguised as freedom. For example, the job that we thought will give freedom could have made us selfish, proud or taken time away from God.


Desire to be free – John 8:33 – The first step to freedom from any harmful habit, addiction or behaviour is to accept that we are actually in bondage. Here, we see the people arguing with Jesus that they are doing fine. In Luke 5: 30-32, Jesus is the doctor for the spiritually sick. Can we sit with Jesus and honestly tell our bondages? Only he can heal the sick – both physical and the mind. Don’t wait any longer or try other means to become free. Ask and it will be given.


Knowing Jesus – John 8:32b – Jesus said “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. What does knowing the truth mean? It means 1) I know Jesus by experiencing his grace and love and not just by reading about him. 2) I come to Jesus each day to know the truth in every aspect of my life. 3) My job is to know Jesus intimately and His work is to set me free. Friend, know Jesus personally and you will notice that you are being set free each day. A glorious life!!


Want to be set free? – John 8:32 – When the disciple personally knows the truth called Jesus, she is set free from bondages and prison life. Why? Because Jesus came to release people captivated by worry, affairs of the world, caught in depression and oppression from the enemy (Isaiah 61: 1b). The truth called Jesus can only set us free. Lord, show the known and unknown things that have put me in bondage. I want full freedom and I will keep coming to you till I’m free fully.

Scene 07/53 Exterior Galilee Riverside; Jesus (DIOGO MORCALDO) is going to die and tells Peter (DARWIN SHAW) and the other disciples this not the end.

Believer or disciple? – John 8:31 – We were believers when we first came to Jesus. But we are a disciple when we CONTINUE in Jesus. Please read Luke 14: 25-35 to know what Jesus tells about being a disciple. A disciple loves God more than his family, carries the cross of suffering, he gives up his all for the sake of Jesus. These are tough words from Jesus but he gives us the power to be a disciple. God is looking for disciples today. Can he count you as a disciple?


Obedience of Jesus – John 8:28-30 – Jesus said “I always do the things that are pleasing to God”. Always is an important word here. Not sometimes or not when it was comfortable to obey. But Jesus always obeyed the Father – when people opposed, when he was tired, when he was tempted, when he didn’t like it. Are there times during your day that you are unable to please God? Ask strength from God to obey always so that he can be glorified through your life.


How to speak? – John 8: 26-27 – Jesus had many things to say but only spoke what the Father wanted him to speak. How about us? We can learn from Jesus to speak only what the spirit of God wants to say. Lord, I pray that you make my speech filled with grace, love and compassion. Let me be quick to listen and slow to speak (James 1: 19) . My words should reflect your heart. It should comfort and not hurt, bring peace and not divide, thank and not complain. In Jesus name. Amen.


Words of Love – John 8:24 – Jesus said “Unless you believe me, you will die in your sins”. Only Jesus has the right to speak these words about the death of the soul. Because he died for me and he became sin for me. This warning is words of highest love and concern for my soul. Because the enemy says “You surely will not die” (Genesis 3: 4) and deceives people. For example, he will say sin is pleasurable but not tell its results. Let us listen to words of Jesus only.


Heavenly life – John 8: 23 – Jesus said to the non-believers “You are of this world, I’m not of this world”. As followers of Jesus, our goal is to be “Not of this world”. Because we know this world and it’s lust is passing away (Spend time on 1 John 2: 15-17). Friend, do not hold on tight to the things and objects of this world. Our soul is not made for this world. Lord, let my touch with this world be as light as possible. Like a traveller carrying 1 bag instead of 10 bags.


Living with Christ – John 8: 21-22 – Jesus said to the non-believers “Where I’m going, you cannot come”. I don’t want to be away from the presence of Jesus even for one moment. Read this verse very slowly today – John 14: 1, 2 – This is a great promise for us as followers of Jesus. He has prepared a place for you and me and we can be with him through eternity. Lord, as you are preparing a place for me, I want to worship you with all my heart when I’m here on Earth.


Let us spend time in personal prayer today. All these daily devotions has to be prayed to have any impact in our life. When I pray, it means that I don’t trust my own instincts but I surrender myself before God. So he can take over control from me. Because I have been bought with a price (precious blood of Jesus) and my body does not belong to me (1 Corinthians 6: 19, 20). Let’s find that quiet place today to pray and listen from God. Let me know what you have been learning.


Know God – John 8: 19-20 – Jesus said “If you know me, you will know my father”. Experiencing God’s love and grace is the greatest blessing in life. Do not be satisfied till you have “Tasted that the Lord is good”. For example, pray that you will be like a water tank, that receives and gives the Love of God to others. Because you are drawing water from the river of life, who sacrificed His all to win you from the clutches of darkness. I Love because He FIRST Loved me.


Don’t Judge – John 8: 15-18 – Jesus said “My judgement is true”. But the religious people wrongly judged Jesus. One of the struggles in our life is we judge people quickly and wrongly. 1 Corinthians 4: 5 says, Do not judge others but to wait until the Lord judges the motives of people. So we need grace to not judge people and also grace to wait patiently till the day the Lord will judge. Remember, we don’t judge because Jesus did not judge us but saved us (John 3: 17).


Walk in Light – John 8: 13,14 – The religious people did not believe that Jesus was their Light. They trusted in their own ways. We have 2 choices, one where we control our choices, desires. Another, when Jesus influences all our desires and decisions. It is very hard to follow Jesus because we are so used to our own ways. Like a dirty cloth is washed and hanged under the sun light, let all our desires and decisions be brought under the light and influence of Jesus.


Follow the Light – John 8: 12b – Jesus said “He who follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the Light of life”. Like we saw yesterday, the god of the world wants to stop us from following Jesus. He will try to stop our time with God – personal prayer and studying His word. He will try to stop us spending time with other believers. Ask God for strength to fight the forces of darkness that distract us from following Him. Come, let us spend time with Jesus today.


Do you see the light? – John 8: 12a – Jesus said “I’m the light of the world”. The light of Jesus helps me to avoid many troubles in life and show me the way. But there is someone who will block us from seeing this light of Jesus (2 Corinthians 4: 4). He is called the god of this world. His work is to blind the people of God from seeing the light of Jesus. I pray that the stuff, busyness and care of the world will not blind you from seeing the light and the glory of Jesus.


How to sin no more? – John 8: 10-11 – Jesus said “Go, from now on sin no more”. What does “sin no more” mean? It means that Jesus encouraged her to change her life. Jesus did not condemn her past life but encouraged her to move on in faith. Today, when you are IN Christ, you will not be condemned (Romans 8: 1) but will gain strength to overcome sin by His grace (Romans 6: 14). If your past is stopping you from moving forward, immediately “Look to Jesus” to help you overcome.


Obeying conscience – John 8: 9 – The hard hearted people dropped the stones. Why? Because they had a tender conscience. As children of God, we need our conscience be wrapped in the Love and Spirit of God. So when God speaks to us through the Bible or at time of prayer, we immediately repent or drop the stones of hatred. So let us not just pray for a tender conscience but a conscience sprinkled with Christ’s blood. This is the beginning of an obedient and joyful life. Amen.


Drop that stone – John 8: 7-8 – Jesus was without sin and still did not throw the stone at the lady. We might have 1000 reasons to hate, complain about someone but we have ONE reason to Love. How can we the people with the spirit of Jesus ever pick up a stone to throw? Throwing stones is not my saviour’s heart. So I will not pickup or throw at anyone even if they hurt my feelings or hate me. Lord, help me to dwell in your love and know your heart.


Accuser or Forgiver? – John 8: 3-6 – We see the religious people accusing the woman of adultery. The spirit of accusation can never forgive. It will try to find what is wrong with others and assumes they are always bad. Satan is accusing people day and night (Revelation 12: 10). We do not want the spirit of accusing but the forgiving spirit of Jesus. Lord, help me today to stop trying to find fault in others but commit all things to you. I need your heart of Love.


Listen to Jesus – John 8: 1-2 – Even amidst opposition, early in the morning Jesus sat down to teach. It is like the teacher has arrived in the class room but the students are not present. Let us be present always to learn from Jesus. Who else can teach us to love others unconditionally, to sacrifice our will and to be set free from selfishness? Jesus wants to reveal many truths to you. Take some time today to read John 8 and listen to the voice of God. Lord, open my ears.


Spiritual growth – John 7: 50-53b – What it means to grow in grace? For example, you might be secretly proud about certain achievements in life that caused you to judge others unfairly. But now, God might have taught you humility. We are humble now because we know everything we received is from God and that we have no right to boast ( 1 Corinthians 4: 7). When you yield to God, He will work in other areas of your life that needs to be corrected. Come, Lets learn from Jesus!!


Grow, don’t stand – John 7: 50-53a – Nicodemus supported Jesus in public. Earlier, he was a secret follower of Jesus. We see him growing in his faith on Jesus. We expect growth in everything in life – career, knowledge, education. But it is more important to increase in knowing God and his heart. We will see an example of spiritual growth tomorrow. Today, spend some time in prayer asking God that you want to know Him intimately and also grow in his grace. In Jesus name, Amen.


Follow Jesus not Religion – John 7: 47-49 – The Pharisees who hated Jesus said “If the people didn’t know traditions, they are cursed”. Following a religion is knowing and keeping the traditions. But following Jesus means to know him personally. In your life, have you been doing something for the sake of tradition? For example, Reading the Bible can be to keep tradition. But for a follower of Jesus, it is an exciting time of knowing the heart of Jesus and hearing from God.


Words of Jesus – John 7: 45-48 – Officers who wanted to arrest Jesus said “Never has any man spoken like this”. The words of Jesus were simple that a child can understand and powerful that it can change hearts. In John 6: 63, Jesus said His words are spirit and life for those who believe. Believe means to trust and follow the words of Jesus above all other opinions and thoughts that we hear daily. Don’t rush through reading a verse but slow down and dwell on His words today.


Who is Jesus? – John 7: 40-44 – People told Jesus was a prophet, a good man or the Christ. Who is Jesus to you personally? He is our Lord and Saviour. Saviour because he has saved me from my sins and redeemed me. But he is also my Lord, who leads me and takes priority over all things (2 Peter 3: 18). What he tells me, I will do. What he teaches me, I will learn. Where he leads me, I will follow. I pray that Jesus takes first place above self, family, and everything. Amen.

Heart not Head Knowledge – John 7: 40-43 – The people who doubted Jesus had knowledge of the scripture. But this was head-knowledge because their life was not influenced by the power of the word of God. No use in knowing facts about the Bible when it does not work in our hearts.The devil believes and trembles before God but still stays the same (James 2: 19). Lord, I need heart-knowledge – to know you intimately and be changed. I need grace to allow your word to do its work.

Believe to receive – John 7: 39 – When Jesus was talking about Living water, it was about the Holy spirit. There are 2 ways to live the Christian life – 1) On our own strength with no victory over selfish life. 2) By the power of the Holy Spirit working in us so we have victory over selfishness. Jesus expects ALL of us to live by the power of the Holy Spirit. That is why he said, I will send you a helper(John 14: 16). Can we pray by faith to receive the power today?


From thirst to flowing – John 7: 38b – We can live the Christian life based on our feelings and desires or the leading of the Holy Spirit. If you are travelling up on a steep road, you can struggle (self) with a bicycle or use a motor powered (holy spirit) bike. I pray that in 2016, you will live a holy spirit empowered life. A life of joy, intimate relationship with God through Jesus. A blessed life that is totally submitted to God in small matters and big.